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5 Tips for Improving your Flexibility

1. Try to stretch every day, when you can

It's important to keep your muscles as loose as possible as a dancer, so stretching every day gives them that added elasticity. The more you stretch, the more tolerant your muscles become to the pain, making your workout/practice more painless.

2. Warming up before taking on stretches

As dancers we need to take care of our bodies, so making sure our muscles are fully warm, by doing a warmup before full stretches are important. Stretching with cold muscles can put a strain on your muscles which isn't helpful.

3. Hold each stretch for at least 60 seconds

Making sure you're holding each stretch ensures that your muscles are improving their elasticity. Do not stretch to the point of pain (more on this later), just until you can feel the tension. This usually occurs around 10-20 seconds intro stretching. Repeat the stretch until 60 seconds has been completed. Over time you will start to see an improvement in your flexibility.

4. Never stretch to the point of pain

When stretching we need to make sure we are starting with light stretches and building them up slowly. We also need to take into account that everybody's body is different, so work to your maximum, not the person next to you!

5. Remember to make stretching fun!

Stretch whilst watching TV or playing games. Stretch with friends for added resistance. Stretching becomes less of a chore if you have someone to share and enjoy it with.

Created on 14th of Dec at 18:40