Forget your troubles and dance!

6 Reasons Salsa Workout Is the Hands-Down Best Workout to Dance Your Ass Off!

I love Salsa Workout for a variety of reasons, but here are just six of the best ones.


  1. The dance moves are easy to learn but physically challenging. So even the most uncoordinated among us can pick it up quickly and dive into the routine. That means less time wasted just trying to follow along.
  2. It makes you drop your ego. Remember that now-overused quote "Dance like nobody's watching"? Turns out, it's great advice. Letting loose without judgment from yourself or others is one of the best things for your mind, body, and soul.
  3. It takes the work out of working out. You're learning dance moves, listening to super fun upbeat songs and getting amped up by your instructor. At full throttle, my 120-pound self can burn around 500 calories in a one-hour class. Although I sweat like a maniac and feel it in my muscles the next day, I'm rarely ready for class to end.
  4. The people! It varies by location, but Salsa Workout classes usually draw a diverse crowd of all cultures, ages, and body types. A SoulCycle class full of pretty people is great, but I get so much delight from joining the wide cast of characters unabashedly dancing their faces off in Salsa Workout.
  5. Not all classes are created equal. I cannot stress this one enough. I've been to classes all over Europe and while most are fantastic, some can be totally lame. I find that the most energetic and challenging instructors tend to be those who really feel the music the most. Go figure.
  6. Way more than cardio. Yes, your heart will be pumping, you'll sweat like crazy, and you'll burn calories out the wazoo. But you're also squatting, lunging, kicking, punching, and hula-hooping your core, butt, and arms into shape all at the same time.
Created on 01st of Mar at 16:21