Let's Get Addicted to Salsa Dance!

Salsa Workout #1 Class

Our new Salsa Workout Class is starting next week!

Salsa Dance Workout is a high calorie burning dance-inspired workout. We will turn up the heat and learn a different kind of Salsa and Samba moves, which will be used in our dance combinations. 

Every Friday at 6:30 PM. First class - 5th of January!

10 Oxford Rd, M15QA, Manchester (The Dancehouse).

What to wear? 
You should wear comfortable sports clothes as if you have gone to the gym. You should be able to easily move, but don't forget, that this is not just a workout, this is SALSA DANCE WORKOUT, so make sure you feel comfortable in these clothes. Make sure you don't put heels on.

Make your booking NOW or just come and pay £6 on entrance.

Let's Get Addicted to Salsa Dance!


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