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Welcome to Rose Dance and Fitness Studio, my name is Rozalija Ugorenko and I'm a 25 year old health and fitness enthusiast with a HUGE passion to empower others to embark on their own fitness journey to achieve their greatest goals.

I will prove you that working out with Rose Dance Studio - is a great way to support your mental health and add confidence, stay fit and healthy all year long, improve your strength, endurance and dancing skills, but first, I would like to introduce myself.

My first type of workout/activity was dancing. I've started dancing since 4 and my first dance style was Ballroom, which ends up in professional dancing experience for 12 years.

Then I started digging in other dancing styles like Hip-hop, Modern Dance, Contemporary, Ballet and Folk dance to improve my dancing skills and widen my range of knowledge.

I’ve been studying in Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy in Dance and Rhythmics Teacher program for 3 years, where the main focus was teaching dancing to children and adults. In parallel with studies, I had more than 3 years of professional dancing experience teaching children and adults. 

After I've mastered choreography, I wanted to dig more into fitness industry and I've started investigating into workouts, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. 4 years into my fitness journey, and I get genuinely excited about working out every single day – it has transformed my physical and mental self and has positively impacted my life in ways I can’t even describe! Moreover, nutrition is one of my biggest passions – I am fascinated by the science behind the foods we eat; and my diet is now comprised primarily of nutrient rich, wholesome healthy foods which I LOVE.

Then I completed my L2 and L3 personal training qualifications and now, my main goal is to help others make their body fit, improve their relationship with food and exercise and feel empowered to be who they are! Moreover I like the idea of connecting dancing with fitness. It is a great opportunity to learn dancing and burn calories in parallel as if you had proper fitness session! You don’t have to be a professional dancer or have any dancing skills, anyone can dance.

All you need is the desire for a change in your life! However I offer both - dancing classes and more fitness focused classes and personal programmes to achieve your goals.


Certified Fitness Coach

Level 2 & Level 3 certified personal trainer & online fitness coach
1 year of online coaching experience

Professional Dancer

More than 30 awards and diplomas & with more than 12 years of professional dancing experience
More than 8 years of teaching experience

Passionate Fitness Ambassador

More than 4 years of fitness experience
Sharing my fitness journey through Instagram @rozalija.u
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Phone: +44 7821 479 547