Online dance and fitness classes

To support your health and mental wellbeing during the National Lockdown, we’ve been working behind the scenes to develop new online Dance and Fitness classes for everyone. We offer you to join our weekly live online classes with our professional fitness trainer, using the Zoom platform. Let’s get in shape together!

At the moment we have 3 available online class options:

Dance Fitness group class

It’s a high intensive dance and fitness class mixing Zumba, Hip-Hop, Dancehall styles and physical bodyweight workout. Each class includes a dynamic warm-up, main dancing cardio part along with the hottest music, bodyweight exercises and cool-down with stretching. Keep fit and join our Dance Fitness classes which are open to all levels. No matter if you are novice or an experienced dancer – you will enjoy it!

Every Monday and Thursday at 5.30 – 6.30PM
Price: £3 per session or £20 for whole month (8 sessions).
No equipment needed!



Full-Body Workout group class

It’s a bodyweight, dynamic workout that includes strength, power and mobility to challenge your entire body. The workout includes a dynamic warm-up to get your blood flowing and prep your body for the rest of the work ahead, and a cool-down to help you slow back down and wrap it all up. If you want to make it more challenging – use water bottles and resistance bands to specific exercises.
It brings lots of energy and motivational atmosphere to you even trough the screen! Let’s build our fit body and raise up those endorphins, without even attending the gym!

Every Wednesday at 5.30-6.30PM
Price: £3 per session 
Equipment: Yoga mat or blanket/carpet, two same bottles of water (for extra weight), resistance bands (optional, for extra resistance).

Personal online class

It’s a personal class tailored specially for you, according to your fitness/dance experience, capabilities, goals and preferences. It could be any type of fitness or dance session (full-body, circuit workout, HIIT, targeted muscle group with or without weights, stretching, etc.) you choose.

Price: £10 per session

Contact us (via our FB page here) for available days and times.